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One Complete Unified Front-end Solution

Telehealth Attendance Predictor works hand-in-hand with our full suite of communication tools to increase the accuracy of the predictions and improve how organizations engage with patients using automations and digital experiences.

Common Problems Mend Solves Through Our Telemedicine Platform

  • No show rates

  • Provider capacity and utilization

  • Manual data entry

  • Overhead and inefficiencies

  • Patient experience dissatisfaction

  • Program drop-outs

  • New patient lead workflow

  • Front-desk bottleneck

  • Clinical assessments

  • Patient surveys

  • Outcome improvement

  • Government programs

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Boost Business Results


Minimum lost revenue annually for a 10-provider practice


Telemedicine Connection Rate


Digital Forms Engagement Rate

Get to Know Our Platform In-Depth

Telehealth has the most comprehensive suite of patient engagement tools on the planet that all work together to help your organization help more people.

90+% No-Show & Cancellation Prediction with Telehealth

Telehealth Attendance Predictor is the industry's first-ever Artificially Intelligent (AI) machine learning algorithm that predicts no-shows and cancellations before they happen. Attendance Predictor can write this information back to your EHR/PMS so the risk can easily display on the schedule.

Attendance Predictor integrates seamlessly with Telehealth full suite of patient engagement and communication tools to help automate the management of the high-risk appointments on your existing schedule, including automated text, email, and phone appointment reminders. If an appointment score is a high risk, that patient will get a different appointment reminder sequence to encourage a confirmation or cancellation actively.


The average no-show rate across the globe


Minimum lost revenue annually for a 10 provider practice.

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